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  • Restore Groups meet every 2 weeks at various places around the Town

What is Restore Groups

Restore Groups is the name of our small group programme.

For people of all walks of life looking for a place to connect with others and establish healthy relationships.

Although each of our Restore groups look and function differently carrying their own unique vibe, each group contains the same 4 elements: Teaching, Prayer, Pastoral Care and Outreach.

Ultimately, we hope our Restore groups become an extension of the church family helping all of us in the process of being reconciled to God, find encouragement, love and accountability.

If you want to consolidate what you have heard on a Sunday morning, have questions, want to make friends and plug into what we are doing at Restore church, we want to encourage you to join a Restore group.

You can Join a Restore Group through the IKnow app or speak to Pastor Stuart 01205 837209