Restore is an Assemblies of God church. We are part of a Pentecostal movement who believes that every individual can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Restore we believe that we need to be people that live a life of Grace, that we don’t wait for others to treat us right but that we set the tone for our families, our work places, our schools by first showing Grace to others.

At Restore we believe that church should be Foundational in it’s teaching, a church built on Biblical truths and knowing what God has called us to.

We believe church should be Committed to the Word of God, to prayer, to each other and the community.

At Restore we believe we are called to live 58 which is taken from Isaiah 58:6-12 and we hope by living our lives like this we will be a place where people can come and are Restored to God. A church where anyone can find rest, reconnect with God and find healing spiritually, physically and emotionally.

We pray that every person that is a part of the church becomes a Sanctuary, a safe haven,  where anyone can come to, feel welcomed, at home and part of a family. A safe place which will allow individuals to become who they were designed and destined to be by God.